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Shop with nearby households. Get wholesale prices on great food.


13,000+ healthy, sustainable products

Save 20%-50% off supermarket prices

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Shop with Friends
When you shop together with friends, family, or neighbors, it's easy to buy in bulk.
We Ship Wholesale
Orders are shipped directly out of wholesale warehouses, so you get the best prices possible.
You Share the Savings
Orders are delivered directly to your home, office, or community center of your choice!
Better Food for you and your Community
Healthy sustainable food can be expensive and often hard to find. At Wholeshare, our goal is to make it easy for people everywhere to access good food at prices they can afford. We make it easy to shop together with friends, family, and neighbors. By working together, everyone gets wholesale prices. And we ship the products directly to you and your community.

All your favorite Brands!

At 20%-50% off retail prices

What our customers are saying ...

“It’s a really great value for the quality that you get. And it’s extremely convenient for me, having three kids"
Sarah Walker
“Wholeshare is access to good products at a good price. It’s an alternative to the grocery store"
Stephanie Roberts
“It’s really amazing to see the diversity of products on Wholeshare. The quality is so much better. It’s something you believe in, and you’re really supporting people in your community.”
Ruther Dilger Williams

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